About the workshop

This workshop will help the participants to learn about the EU funding, cohesion policy, smart specialisation and the effective use of synergies, which implementation is still a corner stone for majority of European Member States. In addition, participants will get acquainted with requirements to be met for successful exploitation of research results.

Learning outcomes

  • Get deep understanding of the above noted EU funding framework and how it works
  • Get fully acquainted with EU funding key institutions and its actors
  • Ability to understand and adopt/implement principle of smart specialisation, cohesion policy and synergies
  • Maximize impact of research results based on the exploitation principle

Workshop structure

  • EU funding 2014-2020 and post funding period (thematic categories, programme, beneficiaries)
  • Cohesion policy, synergies and smart specialisation and the regional innovation policy (RIS3)
  • The outlook of future EU funding – FP9 programme
  • How to identify the funding opportunity for projects aimed at maximising research
  • State of the art of EU funding at spot-interactive sessions with the European Commission officials and practitioners

Technical parameters


Duration: 12 hours
Classroom type: Seminar
Workshop participants: 10 – 22

Target audience

Management level
Project level
Research level

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English Croatian


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