About the workshop

This workshop covers LIE as psychological phenomena in the modern society and its means of potential manipulation in the business world. You will be able to recognize and interpret a lie and its most used techniques and practical examples. Acquiring a knowledge will enable you to recognize hidden details during the interaction with a person. Such skills are applicable in various situations: from business communication with your peers or partners, job interview all the way to everyday communication.

Learning outcomes

  • Lies recognition techniques
  • Suspicious behavior recognition
  • Negotiations abilities
  • Self-esteem building

Workshop structure

  • Intro session
  • Short knowledge exam
  • Main session – part 1
  • Team exercise
  • Main session – part 2
  • Video based session
  • Hands-on session
  • Final exam
  • Wrap-up

Technical parameters


Duration: 20 hours
Classroom type: Seminar
Workshop participants: 10 – 20

Target audience

C-level management
Client-facing employees
Security personnel
All employees


English German Croatian


On demand


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