About the workshop

Successful application for EU funding starts with the pre-preparation phase and so called pre-call intelligence. Such activities will include:

  • collecting of information about the funding of an interest early enough
  • systematic finding of relevant partners on the topic
  • having a knowledge about tips and secrets of the trade, based on the input of the experts with an experience in evaluating EU applications

Ability to understand exploitation and impact of the intended project results are as relevant as the above noted. Thus, acquiring knowledge of the tips and secrets of the trade make could be a crucial differentiator for the success of your project aplication.

Learning outcomes

  • Get deep understanding of the pre-preparation and pre-intelligence process, so-called “The Decision Tree Methodology” for participating in EU projects and acquiring of EU funding
  • Get fully acquainted with EU key associations and organisations that enable access to pre-call intelligence, access to partners, funding and networks by interacting with them in person and by participating to their workshops and events
  • Learn how to “pitch” and present your organisation, your project idea
  • Learn how to establish and structure the effective EU support office
  • Learn how to prepare successful application for EU funding

Workshop structure

  • Preparation of application for EU projects, tips and secrets of the trade (sessions with actors that are information and service providers)
  • How to find partners and build success full consortium, importance of participation to relevant EU networks (interactive session through workshops in cooperation with top organisation in Bruxelles)
  • Project implementation and reporting requirements (interactive sessions in working groups with practitioners)
  • Exploitation of project results and access to market (interactive sessions in working groups with practitioners)

Technical parameters


Duration: 12 hours
Classroom type: Seminar
Workshop participants: 10 – 22

Target audience

Management level
Project level
Research level

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English Croatian


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