Proper state of mind with the required toolkit, plus positive attitude will boost innovation within and across your company.
By partnering with us you can make the implementation process smooth, short and efficient.

Our approach

We are on the mission to innovate your business. Our approach to such process is structured but very creative. We are driven by results, but always focused on strategy and the Big Picture.

We also believe that innovation needs its space and structure, similar as education. Thus, we always cultivate innovation in organic way. Because only perfect innovation process will fuel your company growth in a long term.


Who is it for

  • Small and medium size companies with or without basic innovation management knowledge or skills
  • Large size companies with specific needs to focus or shift to other areas rather than their mainstream business
  • Government bodies and agencies focused on open innovation
  • International organizations focused on change
  • Project based associations and non-profit organizations
  • Strategically important initiatives or large community projects driven by structured groups or organizations

How we do it

We help companies innovate in a way to build and mentor their own innovation capacities. We advise our clients to focus strongly on their own capacities as it’s the best way to maximise your RoI. With existing capacities and implemented innovation management processes, company will be able to spread it’s growth activities in other directions and focus to other fields of interest.

Most important partners for innovation

Internal employees
Technology partners
Channel and business model partners
Customers via focus groups
Supply chain partners
Similar organizations outside regional market
Academics and research organizations

Source: PwC Innovation Benchmark

Our programs

Design thinking
Innovation lab
Internal start-up program

Innovate with our support

If you are interested to work with us on building your innovation capacities, please send an email to our innovation team to .