About the workshop

Many PR experts are using psychological tools in their work. Studying of the audience or target consumers, develops a good plan, an even better idea, and finally a successful communication. People usually purchase or support things based on their feelings. This workshop covers a wide range of non-verbal communication – the body language we encounter on a daily basis. The body language (gestures, facial expressions, eye movements, body posture) can reveal a lot more than we expect.

Learning outcomes

  • Non-verbal communication literacy
  • Better social interaction awareness
  • Non-verbal analytical skills
  • Manipulation avoidance abilities
  • Fluency in business communication

Workshop structure

  • Intro session
  • Case study session
  • Team exercise
  • Main session
  • Team exercise
  • Wrap-up

Technical parameters


Duration: 20 hours
Classroom type: Seminar
Workshop participants: 10 – 30

Target audience

C-level management
Client-facing employees
All employees

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English German Croatian


On demand


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