About the workshop

This workshop covers the phenomena of the moral theory and moral laws. For example, what would be the difference between stealing and borrowing the book from a friend. Do people use other people as a means in general? Bus/taxi-drivers get us where we want to go; factory workers are the means to producing objects and ultimately profit for their employer. But what about using people to get what we want and consistently disrespecting their human worth.

Learning outcomes

  • Raising awareness about your own environment
  • Responisibility to the others and yourself
  • Contribute to your own safety
  • Raising senisibility about your own role in the society

Workshop structure

  • What is Deontology?
  • History of Deontology
  • Video session
  • Open discussion
  • Practical use of Deontology
  • Q&A session

Technical parameters


Duration: 8 hours
Classroom type: Seminar
Workshop participants: 10 – 30

Target audience

C-level management
Direct management
Company employees


English German Croatian


On demand


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